Interswitch Documentation

Quickteller Business

A payment gateway enables businesses to seamlessly collect payments by providing a holistic payment collection solution that caters for collection, settlement and reporting.

Quickteller SVA

With SVA APIs, you have access to Airtime vending, over 3000 billers, instant transfers to all bank accounts in Nigeria and several banks and mobile wallets in Africa.

Interswitch Lending Service

With ILS API, Lenders can integrate for collections and disbursement of loans. The API also provides value financing option for loans to customers.

Wallet Service

Wallet Service is a micro-service whose core functionality is to manage wallets. It can be used to create, keep existing card records and provide such card records when requested.

Safe Token

Safe Token allows you to Leverage our authentication service for your 2 factor authentication.


This solution allows you automate bulk payments, transfers to any bank and several banks across Africa. Make one off or recurring transfers, receive SMS updates on the status of payments in real time.

Pay with Quickteller

Embed this widget on your website and you can start receiving payments for goods and services. Designed for merchants who use shopping carts, have little experience in server side scripting.


Create an experience for cardless withdrawals at the ATM or POS and payment on the web.


Embed a payment page on your site for school fees and dues. This solution is suitable for schools and service providers with little experience with server side scripting.

Loyalty API

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content.


A solution that any corporate can adopt to receive payments from its customers using the bank branches of various banks on the Interswitch network without necessarily having accounts in those banks.

Refund API

Create a refund request from details of a successful transaction.